At every stage of your projects,

Duo Services gives you the means to make your ambitions a reality.

Our leadership can be explained by our ability to offer customised solutions to our clientele that include our full-range of expertise. Our strength lies in this very combination of skills, which sets us apart from our competitors.


The founder of DUO SERVICES, Frédéric Koch, wanted to form a cohesive whole focusing on service activities – and the result is a group of 4 companies dedicated to the new build, renovation and civil engineering sector.
With a sound financial structure, over 200 employees and more than 30 technical sales reps and project managers working across our 4 subsidiaries, DUO SERVICES has forged a reputation as a significant, sustainable stakeholder in the building industry, both in France and Belgium.



Chairman of the supervisory board : Antoine Koch

Chairman of the S.A.S : Frédéric Koch

Managing Director : Gilles Togna

Head office : 4, rue Thénard – 75005 PARIS

  Managing Director :
Laurent Saint-Jean

Head office : 18100 VIERZON France

Chairman : DUO Services

  Managing Director :
Thibault Peyrot

Head office : 44400 REZÉ

Chairman : DUO Services

Service Director : Gilles Togna

Rental Director : Didier Longy

Deputy Managing Director : Didier Longy

Head office : 17000 LA ROCHELLE

Chairman : DUO Services

Deputy Administrator : Servinfor

Head office : BELGIUM